In Awe Cake Art


Cake & Chocolate Artist

There is nothing terribly special about me. Well, maybe other than the fact that I have traveled the world, run a  marathon, given birth, loved and been loved. Oh, and I have this crazy obsession with making giant 4 foot cake sculptures. It started when I stayed home when my little man was born. I started watching Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes.  I couldn’t believe what people were creating. After all, I wasn’t creative (or so I thought). Watching countless hours of Duff, got me thinking… hmmm. Could I do something like that? I had never used fondant before. I had never sculpted before. No way. Then another thought cropped up that has changed every aspect of my life.  It was this: What if… Just if… I tried to make a cake sculpture and it looked just awful, completely toppled over, and crashed? The worse that would happen is that I would EAT CAKE! And of course, I’d have a great story to tell.

That laissez faire attitude has helped me try the impossible. With each original cake design, I am emboldened to reach a little higher, make something a little crazier, and create something more beautiful. My greatest joy is watching the look on the recipient’s face when presented their original cake sculpture. Speechless, their eyes widen and mouths open. They are In Awe.